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The Power of the Buffalo


Centuries ago, large herds of Bison roamed freely all throughout the American Great Plains. One of the few survivors of the earth’s unrelenting and often brutal evolutionary process, Bison withstood the test of time – Time and time again. Revered by the Native Americans as an important source of nourishment, the “Buffalo” was a symbol of the true American heritage. At least until “civilization” seeped into the great American West. What followed was the senseless slaughter of an animal that had endured Centuries of the harshest environmental conditions, almost to the brink of near extinction.

Euro Buffalo has dedicated considerable resources in revitalizing the growth of this magnificent species. Founder of Euro Buffalo, Hannes Bohinc, has elevated his original passion to an unparalleled level of dedication that has lasted nearly a quarter of a Century now. Today, the Euro Buffalo Brand stands for the exemplary commitment to the prosperous breeding of true genuine American Bison. Our vision strives towards a healthy repopulation of the animal throughout Central and Eastern Europe, thereby placing emphasis on developing the largest herd of American Bison throughout these regions.

Recognizing the true heritage of the American Bison and its important role in today’s society teaches us never to underestimate the power of the Buffalo. Learn from us, participate or join the visionary path of our founder and take part in an unrivaled journey through history.